Testimonials from past/present pupils and parents

Student Doing Homework

I started science lessons with only a few months left. However, Madhushanka Sir’s excellent and high quality teaching was the reason why I was able to achieve the best grade possible. He made sure that I was absolutely confident on every topic and his expert knowledge on science helped to improve my understanding so much. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this Sir!

( Salome- obtained grade 9,9 for AQA Combined Science in 2020) 


I joined at the start of year 11 and sir helped me identify the topics I was struggling and doing well in. Then after he taught me how to get better in the topics I was struggling he gave me papers which made me  well prepared for GCSE. I completed GCSE specification before school went in to lockdown hence I got good results in my mock exams. That helped me to obtain a high final grade in GCSEs.

(Kisal- Another student  who obtained grade 9 for Maths in 2020 )


Since I started tutoring with sir I’ve improved a huge amount. The personalised help that he offers is what I personally needed to improve my results. I went from being predicted 5’s and 6,s and in maths and Physics to achieving  8's and 9's in my GCSE. I would definitely recommend this tutor to anyone at any skill level.

(Yuvan- Another student who obtained level 9 in Physics and level 8 in Maths in 2020)


I joined mathci tutoring in the middle of year 10 and Mr Madhu has deepened my understanding of science topics and has helped me gain practice in maths. With his help, i have been able to answer questions that I have found challenging in the past. I would like to thank him for helping me achieve the grades that I did in my GCSEs.

(Sumedha- another student who obtained level 9 in Biology and Physics and Level 8 in Chemistry and Maths in Summer 2020 )


"Sir has helped me greatly to improve my Maths over the time he tutored me. His teaching style is very thorough and easy to understand. The support and guidance I received helped me achieve the top grade for GCSE. Sir is very friendly and helpful and I highly recommend his tuition to anyone"


- Sanadi


( One of the students who obtained  level 9 in August 2019) 

"I have been going to MathSci tuition since year 9 and this made a huge difference in grades and ability. The push and resources I have received from Mr Madhu allowed me to go from averaging a 7 to 9 at GCSE! Thanks to this tuition I am able to take the A Levels of my choice and go to a good Sixth Form"


( Another student who obtained  level 9 in August 2019) 

Girl at School
Boys at School

"I began the MathSci tuition at the begining of year 10. I first started with Chemistry and upon my initl assessment I had achieved a grade 5 in my school test and with the help of Mr Madhu, I was able to achieve a grade 9/8 in Science by the end of year 11 and scoring my highest marks in Chemistry papers. (It was my weakest subject before I started tuition with Mr Madhu).

I began Maths at the start of year 11 and was not achieving desired grades at school. Sir was able to help me push to reach a grade 9 in Maths and was very helpful. He is an expert when it comes to the GCSE exams and it's definitely worth the extra help."

- Brian

( Another student who obtained  level 9 in August 2019) 


"I joined MathSci Education Centre in year 11. I went from averaging 6's in Maths and Science to 9s (highest level) and 8s.  I definitely  recommend sir  and his team as they are able to help any pupil achieve the grades they deserve."


( Another student who obtained level 9 for all three Sciences and Level 8 for Maths)

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"Ryan has been tutored by Mr Madhushanka since 2016 for his 11 plus exams and he still goes to MathSci Education Centre for secondary school Maths tuition. Ryan passed all his grammar and independent school exams such as QE boys, Sutton, Wilson, Wallington and Reading Boys grammer schools and Slough Consortium exams. With Mr Madhushanka's excellent tutoring support my son was offered  places with scholarships from St. Pauls Boys and Haberdashers Askes boys too. Currently Ryan goes to City of Lonon independent school with a full scholarship. I highly recommend this tuition to any parent"

Ryan's Dad- London

"I joined mathsci tuition in year 10 to help me get my target grades for GCSEs. The tutoring and support was excellent. My score for the initial assessment was 51% when I started and this improved up to 90-95% towards the end of year 11 and I ended up in getting grade 9s  for Maths and all 3 sciences. This encouraged my parents to put my sister to the same class."

Shakil P from Wembley

Shakil's results 

"Mr Madhu tutored me for Maths and all 3 Sciences  in 2016 and 2017. I went on to achieve a grade 9 in Maths and A* for all three Sciences. I now take Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths at A level at a private school with a scholarship and it has been helpful to have a strong foundation during my GCSEs for these subjects. Mr Madhu's exam practice techniques and simple explanations were very effective and helpful for me. "

Sahil S. - North Harrow

"Sir is absolutely amazing at helping students achieve the best of their potential. My results drastically improved going from a grade 6 (in January 2018) to a grade 8 in my actual GCSE Maths exam in June 2018. He is great at explaining concepts in detail. All in all an amazing tutor. "

Nalin B from Wembly

Mr Madhu was my Physics tutor in 2006. I changed my schools  in February just a few months before my exams and and had a great difficulty since my old school did not cover the full specification while pupils in the new school  had already covered most of it. I had an enormous support from Mr Madhu to cover the syllabus and practice past papers within a few months. Surprisingly I obtained an A grade for Physics at the end and I am still grateful for the exam techniques , tips and his lucid explanations.

Thilini S.


Mr Madhu tutored me in GCSE Physics between 2008-2010. He was an excellent tutor under whom I obtained an A*. I have since completed medical school at University of Sheffield and am currently working as a junior doctor in the NHS. Mr Madhu's teaching style is very thorough and encouraging. I've always been grateful for his mentorship and would highly recommend his tutoring.

T. Wijekoon (Sheffield)

"My son was tutored by Mr Madhu in year 11. At the beginning of year 11 he was predicted a C grade but with tuition at MathSci education center my son obtained an A* for GCSE. My son had enjoyed tutoring at MathSci education and I would highly recommend Mr Madhu for tutoring needs"


-Lahiru's mum (Watford)