MathSci Education Centre is run by Madhushanka Attanayake. 


•A UK qualified teacher

•An examiner for a leading exam board and he is currently marking GCSE exams.

•Over 14 years of experience in teaching

•Has a special degree in Science (B.Sc. hons) and a Masters degree in Education(STEM) from Brunel University.

•Currently working as a full time teacher in a local high school in Harrow

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

We can help your child if he/she,

• Just don’t understand certain topics at school

• Needs help for exam preparation

• Wishes to complete the specification ahead of school and would likes to start revision early for their GCSEs

• Lacks motivation and needs a bit of support to be confident

• Gifted and talented and feels that he/she finds school work too easy and seeks more challenging work to stretch

Last but not least...........

  • Lacks self organisation although he/she is quite good in school work and needs guidance to excel in examinations and eventually to obtain high enough grades 


(Remember...a child who is  capable of getting a level 9  getting a level 8 in their GCSEs it is still under-performance although level 8 itself is generally a good grade. In this example  the child has not performed to the best of his/her best ability.)

Female Student

"Since my son started with MathSci tuition he showed a significant improvement hence he moved up to top group of the year "

-Mrs Alawaththa from Reading


Step 1:     Contact us to arrange a FREE , NO OBLIGATION assessment

Step 2:     We mark the assessment and make a personalised and unique learning plan for your child according to his/her strengths and gaps in learning.

Step 3:     Your child can attend his/her FREE, NO OBLIGATION TASTER SESSION  where he/she will be given the results of their initial assessment with a list of topics they need to work on.

Step 4:     You can decide at this point whether you want to have professional tutoring with us. It is your and your child’s decision and no questions asked. Student registration is done at this point only if you want to go ahead. 

Step 5:    Let the learning journey begin and see your child improve. We will show progress reports regularly to track your child's progression.

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